Business Insurance

Loss Recovery Insurance

We can provide a policy that will pay for an independent fully qualified Loss Adjuster to act for you on all claims over £5,000.

Larger claims can be complicated and time-consuming, and you may not always claim for your full entitlement under the policy. That is why we provide a Loss Adjuster, who has the knowledge and experience to handle larger claims with efficiency and professionalism. 

The services of the claims consultant will include:

  • An initial visit by a claims consultant within 24 hours of the loss being reported
  • Personal attendance at all meetings with the insurance company’s representative on your behalf
  • Preparation of inventories for damaged and stolen property
  • Co-ordination of approved builders and surveyors to minimise interruption to your business activities
  • Arranged interim payments if appropriate to replace lost or damaged items
  • Liaison with accountants to prepare loss of profit claims where applicable

The cover includes all losses covered under your underlying commercial insurance policies but excludes:

  • Subsidence landslip or heave
  • Personal property or injury and Product, Public or Employers' Liability claims
  • Civil proceedings
  • Motor, aviation or marine claims
  • Losses incurred outside mainland UK
  • Losses less than £5,000, the policy excess or uninsured losses.